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Healthy WV

This part of our site provides visitors access to information that may assist them in improving their own and their family's health.  Many West Virginians face serious health challenges. We experience significantly higher rates of chronic diseases and disabling injuries than the rest of the nation. Our state has among the highest rates of smoking and obesity in the country.  Fortunately, solutions are taking root to address these challenges. Throughout the state, public and private entities are bringing wellness and prevention programs to our residents. At the end of the day we must each take the initiative and responsibility to improve our own and our family's health.  The following resources will assist you in this pursuit: 

WV Office of Healthy Lifestyles
The Office of Healthy Lifestyles website provides resources you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.   Their aim is to providei mpartial and comprehensive advice n lifestyle improvements. 

West Virginia Healthy Lifestyle Coalition 
The West Virginia Healthy Lifestyle Coalition was established as part of the West Virginia Healthy Lifestyle Act of 2005 to assure consistency of both public and private sector approaches to programs that address the problems that affect healthy lifestyles and to identify best practices that can be replicated. 

WV Healthy Kids and Family Coalition
The WV Healthy Kids and Family Coalition, along with other individuals, private organizations, and state agencies, work to improve the health of children and families in West Virginia.  They provide a forum for diverse organizations to discuss, coordinate and collaborate on issues that improve the health and well-being of West Virginia children.

Collaborate for Healthy Weight
Collaborate for Healthy Weight is a national initiative where primary care providers, public health professioanls, and leaders of comunity-based organizations are working together as never before, using quality improvement methods to reverse the obesity epidemic in communities across the country.

PEIA Pathways to Wellness 
Participation in the Pathways to Wellness program could make your worksite a healthier and more productive environment providing a great benefit to your employees.

Paths To Healthy Weight
The Health Care Innovations Exchange presents new approaches for helping communities and clinicians prevent overweight and obesity, in a joint effort of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Health Resources and Services.

Your Body Weight

Do you know whether or not your current weight is healthy? “Underweight", "normal", "overweight", and "obese" are all labels for ranges of weight. Obese and overweight mean that your weight is greater than it should be for your health. Underweight means that it is lower than it should be for your health. Your healthy body weight depends on your gender and height.

Apps for Healthy Kids!
Fun and engaging software tools and games that encourage children directly or through their parents to make more nutritious food choices and be more physically active.

County Health Rankings

 Links to Other Resources

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 WV Office of Healthy Lifestyles

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